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"As a Diversity & Inclusion educator and more recently a Workplace Wellness consultant + Mind Body coach, I am continuously witnessing just how powerful the synergy between Inclusion + Wellness + Mind Body approaches can be. They are essential in supporting clients through their important journey of identifying barriers, practices & personal habits that diminish rather than cultivate sustainable capacities for organizational + personal actualization. There is something about working from within the intersections of these three areas that activates a greater sense of purpose + motivation in Clients & I love being part of that - witnessing this spark of light ignite + lead the way." 
Inclusive Mind Body & m2cg consulting Founder, Mariana M. Cruz, 2018


MEANING MAKING and how we apply the terms

DIVERSITY is expressed and experienced in a myriad of ways that include, but are not limited to: race + ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, class status, language, national origin, cultural + religious beliefs, age, ability, body type, political perspective and citizenship status. Diversity is all of us, all 7.6 billion of us (UN estimate, Dec 2017).

INCLUSION is a human right. The action or process of deliberately including, welcoming + respecting the diversity of others AND continuously pursuing efforts to ensure that all individuals feel a sense of belonging, while also being able to safely express their individual forms of diversity. Inclusion, as an action, creates a climate of inclusiveness that is fundamental to sustainable outcomes within any context.

MEANING MAKING and how we apply the terms

WELLNESS is both a state and a pursuit. An evolving process of optimizing overall health, mental + spiritual well-being, physical health, creativity & self-care. Everything we do + feel has an impact on our well-being and the reverse is also true. Key dimensions of wellness include: emotional well-being, socio-cultural sphere, physical self, and occupational + educational spaces (NWI, 2017). 

MIND BODY as a concept is largely based on the understanding that our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, body + spirituality are profoundly connected to one another, as well as to our social, natural & even global environment in a cause/effect relationship. Techniques that support positive/healing/healthy Mind Body connection include: yoga, mindful breathing, prayer, mantra meditation, cognitive therapy (NIH, 2017).


Diverse Communities
Inclusive Spaces
Wellness Abounds

m2cg consulting + Inclusive Mind Body offer 2 tracks of services for organizations, centers, educational institutions & individual clients

TRACK I:  Workshops | Professional Development | Senior Leadership Coaching | Human Resources Consult & Strategic Planning Support in the service of developing effective, actionable + robust strategies for optimizing diversity recruitment + retention, activating inclusive teaching and student programming approaches & cultivating workplace wellness. Click on m2cg services tabs below for more on this track

TRACK II:  Private Mind Body + Wellness Coaching | Small Group Coaching Sessions for individuals seeking to establish for themselves a guided wellness +/or Mind Body health routine. Always with an inclusive approach that actively engages "the whole" person. You are the focus. Click on Wellness tab below for more on this track


m2cg Workshops + Development
Designed to build capacity. We equip participants with skills + strategies for cultivating diversity, inclusion
& workplace wellness

m2cg Leadership + HR Coaching
Coaching areas include diversity recruitment & retention strategies, initiative + program planning, strategic visioning, inclusive supervision + workplace wellness  

Wellness + Mind Body Coaching
Private & small group coaching sessions that incorporate specific-to-you wellness routines, Mind Body fitness & educational content for sustaining an inclusive + wellness-conscious lifestyle