As a Diversity & Inclusion educator and more recently a Workplace Wellness consultant + MindBody skills coach, I am continuously witnessing just how powerful the synergy between Inclusion + Wellness + MindBody approaches can be. These are essential in supporting clients through their important journey of identifying barriers, organizational practices & areas of biases that diminish rather than cultivate sustainable capacities for organizational and divisional health, especially when it comes to inclusion & wellness. There is something about working from within the intersections of these areas that activates a greater sense of purpose and thus purposeful direction in teams & I love being part of this process - witnessing sparks of light ignite + lead the way.
Inclusive MindBody & M2CG Consulting founder, Mariana M. Cruz


MEANING MAKING and how we apply the terms

DIVERSITY is expressed and experienced in a myriad of ways that include, but are not limited to: race + ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, class status, language, national origin, cultural + religious beliefs, age, ability, body type, political perspective and citizenship status. Diversity is all of us, all 7.6 billion of us (UN estimate, Dec 2017).

INCLUSION is a human right. The action or process of deliberately including, welcoming + respecting the diversity of others AND continuously pursuing efforts to ensure that all individuals feel a sense of belonging, while also being able to safely express their individual forms of diversity. Inclusion, as an action, creates a climate of inclusiveness that is fundamental to sustainable outcomes within any context.

MEANING MAKING and how we apply the terms

WELLNESS is both a state and a pursuit. An evolving process of optimizing overall health, mental + spiritual well-being, physical health, creativity & self-care. Everything we do + feel has an impact on our well-being and the reverse is also true. Key dimensions of wellness include: emotional well-being, socio-cultural sphere, physical self, and occupational + educational spaces (NWI, 2017). 

MIND-BODY as a concept is largely based on the understanding that our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, body + spirituality are profoundly connected to one another, as well as to our social, natural & even global environment in a cause/effect relationship. Techniques that support positive/healing/healthy Mind-Body connection include: nutrition, creative expression, movement, mindful breathing, prayer, meditation, cognitive therapy (NIH, 2017).


Diversity | Inclusion | Wellness

Inclusive MindBody + M2CG Consulting offer 2 tracks of services for organizations, educational institutions & individual clients

TRACK I:  Workshops | Professional Development | Senior Leadership Coaching | Human Resources Consult & Strategic Planning Support in the service of …. Developing effective, actionable, and robust strategies for optimizing diversity recruitment + retention in organizations… Capacity building for inclusive teaching and student programming… & Cultivating workspace / learningspace wellness. Click tab below for more

TRACK II:  MindBody Skills + Wellness Coaching | Workplace Wellness with an inclusive approach that actively engages the “whole person”… The “whole team”… & The “whole organization” in the service of promoting and integrating overall organizational health & wellness. Click tab below for more