Spring is almost here, the perfect season for reflection & assessment... is it time to check-in with your team, supervisor, staff and/or students? How are you doing? As a team? As a Supervisor? Organizationally? 

Can we help? As a consulting & coaching practice we offer group workshops, work-site training, senior leadership & human resources advising + private coaching. Areas of focus and impact include diversity recruitment, inclusive program and initiative development, intergroup dialogue, intercultural programming, workspace and learningspace wellness, mind-body skills & much more.

Our services vary by location, scope of work, timeline & client budget. Ask about our discounted rates, retreats, and extended contracts. Proposals and contracts are always designed with client needs, timeline & budget in mind. Services are offered in-person, via phone consult, and over video-virtual connections.
* We speak English, Spanish & learning Mandarin *


THE FIRST QUESTION WE ALWAYS ASK OUR CLIENTS IS "HOW CAN WE HELP?" And then we listen, ask more questions, listen some more and, together, we create a "road-map" for going forward  


  • Development of Intercultural Resource Centers

  • Faculty, Staff + Teacher Development

  • Student Success Strategies + Initiatives

  • Workplace Climate Assessment

  • Recruitment + Retention Strategies

  • Inclusive Approaches Workshops Across Sectors

  • Inclusive + Mindful Leadership Coaching

  • Grant Research + Grant Writing

  • Workplace Conflict Mediation (Intercultural / Intergroup Conflict)

  • Student Wellness Programming

  • Employee Wellness, Engagement & Development

  • Effective Mentoring & Supervision



“Making sense of…”
A multi-session participatory workshop series that explores and delves deeply into diversity + inclusion topics from multiple angles. These include historial + current contexts, terms + definitions & examiniation of disparities followed by highlighting relevant models for their dismantling. Each "Making sense of..." session focuses on a specific topic like Race, Class, Gender etc. All learning materials are provided.
“Inclusive Excellence Tookit”
Participants are coached as they build for themselves, or as part of a division, academic department, or team, a resource-rich professional Toolkit on inclusive supervision + teaching, mentoring, collegiality & navigating controversial "hot topics" + ideological difference in the classroom or workplace. Most learning materials provided, some self-guided work required.
“Power of Words”
One of our favorites! "Power of Words" is modeled after Intergroup Dialogue (U of Michigan) and explores the power of language for exclusion + language for inclusion. Participants learn various cross-cultural communication styles, dialogue + mediation skills as well general facilitation skills. Learning materials provided.