We are hard at work on our Inclusion + Wellness
goals for 2018 & we know You are too! 

Can we help? As a consulting & coaching practice we offer group workshops, worksite training, senior leadership & human resources advising + private coaching. Areas of focus + impact include diversity recruitment, inclusive pedagogy, intergroup dialogue, intercultural programs, worksite wellness, Mind Body & wellness coaching

Services are designed for client needs, timeline & budget
We speak English, Spanish, French & learning Mandarin


THE FIRST QUESTION WE ALWAYS ASK OUR CLIENTS IS "HOW CAN WE HELP?" And then we listen, ask more questions, listen some more and, together, we create a "roadmap" for going forward  

Development of Intercultural Centers
Faculty, Staff + Teacher Development
Workplace Climate Assessment
Recruitment + Retention Strategies
Inclusive Approaches Workshops
Leadership Coaching





Discounts + Sliding Scale Fees available for teachers, age 65+, full-time students, wellness professionals with a focus on inclusion, community activists focused on racial + social justice work & low-income members of the greater Portland (Maine) community
Pro-bono services for Puerto Rican residents in US mainland + on the island


Track I for m2cg

  • Professional development workshops on diversity + inclusion + workplace wellness for educators, administrators & staff
  • Senior leadership + HR coaching on diversity recruitment & retention
  • Senior leadership + HR coaching on workplace inclusion + wellness
  • Professional development for supervisors, department heads & chairs
  • Retreat support & coaching for teams (large + small)  
  • Inclusive program + initiative development 
  • Bilingual + bicultural parent engagement in schools

Track II for wellness

  • 30-60 minute private Mind Body + wellness sessions
  • Personal wellness plan development + motivation support
  • Professional development on diversity + inclusion + wellness for health & wellness practitioners
  • Mind Body techniques for minimizing stress + racial healing + optimal well-being
  • Mind Body techniques for motivation + focus, self-acceptance + restoring trust

Custom Services + Donation Workshops

  • Multiple session series focused on specific organizational top-priority topics as they relate to your mission + vision
  • Donation based workshops / proceeds go to local food banks + national disaster relief efforts. Topics include:
    Latina/x issues in the USA + how these impact us all (Mariana Cruz)
    Diversity of African migrants in Maine (Prof. Scott MacEachern)
    Africa is not a country: Understanding cultural diversity across African nations (Prof. Scott MacEachern)
    Puerto Rico: Political status, migration & Hurricane Maria (Mariana Cruz)
    Puerto Rico: People, culture & food (Mariana Cruz)

    What does "Race" really mean? What is racism?  (Prof. Scott MacEachern & Mariana Cruz)
  • What can we customize together for a donation session? Email us your ideas!

Examples of past work with Clients

“Making sense of…”
A multi-session participatory workshop series that explores and delves deeply into diversity + inclusion topics from multiple angles. These include historial + current contexts, terms + definitions & examiniation of disparities followed by highlighting relevant models for their dismantling. Each "Making sense of..." session focuses on a specific topic like Race, Class, Gender etc. All learning materials are provided.
“Inclusive Excellence Tookit”
Participants are coached as they build for themselves, or as part of a division, academic department, or team, a resource-rich professional Toolkit on inclusive supervision + teaching, mentoring, collegiality & navigating controversial "hot topics" + ideological difference in the classroom or workplace. Most learning materials provided, some self-guided work required.
“Power of Words”
One of our favorites! "Power of Words" is modeled after Intergroup Dialogue (U of Michigan) and explores the power of language for exclusion + language for inclusion. Participants learn various cross-cultural communication styles, dialogue + mediation skills as well general facilitation skills. Learning materials provided.